Tuesday, April 19, 2011

tweet tweet tweet

[As posted last October 22, 2010 on Tumblr]

Follow me on twitter… Its<user name>

This is what you’ll usually hear from celebrities during their guestings or closing spiels. I am not a celebrity but I have a twitter account too! Yes I have one.

I joined twitter a few months ago as a requirement in joining an online contest. I have to follow the twitter acount of the contest host and retweet the contest rules, etc. So there, what other uses do I have for owning a twitter account? Whenever I have access to twitter just like when I’m home and was able to borrow my sister’s laptop, here are the things I do: I get to follow the celebrities and people I admire. I get updates from groups, organizations, even government agencies. I still use it for joining contests. I also follow friends who have twitter accounts too. I retweet important announcements coming of course from the people I follow.
Now, if I only have an IPhone, a blackberry or a cellphone where I can access twitter and other internet sites :( sigh… #wishfulthingking

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