Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Goals for 2011

[As posted last February 03, 2011 on Tumblr]

It’s already the second month of the year but hey, today is the Chinese New Year! Happy Chinese New Year everyone! With that, I am sharing with you my goals for this year and I’m trying to make my goals realistic and attainable before the year ends though some might still sound unrealistic just please let me list them here for maybe someday, they’d still come true :)

Drink more water (and limit intake of iced tea and softdrinks). Anyone who knew me years back, knows that I’m more into iced teas, well not much of softdrinks (its more of occasional) and I think I’m not hitting the eight glasses of water a day quota. This year, I’m really targeting to exceed that quota per day. Actually, these past few weeks, I’ve been drinking lots of water because I have cough and I have to get rid of that by flushing it with the help of water water water—so yes, this one is a keeper, not just for this year but moving forward.

Eat strawberries. I’ve never tasted even one piece of strawberry ever in my life. This is my chance now. All the while I’m thinking the fruit is of sour nature (I like sour fruits too but I’m a very picky one) others say they’re sweet so I think I’ll give it a try.

Eat cotton candy. It’s been long (years) since I last ate a whole cotton candy. Shallow me.

Ride the ferriswheel. This one will be a first too! I still have to gather all the courage there is for me to ride.

Walk more (everyday). This one is to hopefully help me shed the pounds and the inches, etc. Though I walk a lot already going to and from work, I think I need to add more kilometers to achieve the shedding part.

Read at least 5 books. Since I gave birth, I haven’t held on to a book again. I’m reading magazines nowadays (Good Housekeeping, Smart Parenting and the like) but not books. I still have books that I haven’t finished reading so I guess I have to go back to where I’ve left and even start reading up on some more books… And hopefully increase this number in the coming years.

These are just a few things, I might add some more in the future. Good luck to me!

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