Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New Year, A new beginning

[As posted last January 19, 2011 on Tumblr]

It’s still January and I believe I’m still entitled to post my Christmas and New Year posts all in one :)

December 25, 2010. With just twenty pesos left for our budget, we (me, my husband and our baby) just spent our Christmas at our apartment with more than half of the day sleeping and when we woke up, we just had some sliced bread and ham and matched it with coffee. We actually did not go anywhere else that day, just literally stayed home. Boring much…

December 31, 2010. I had work that day. The original plan was that we (me, my husband and our baby) are just going to stay and celebrate New Year’s Eve in our apartment and expose ourselves to so much noise and smoke in the middle of metro manila. But just before I left home for work, we then decided that we really wanted to celebrate new year’s eve at the province with our relatives and also because we didn’t get to celebrate Christmas with them. Off they (my husband and our baby with my parents) went to the province before or after lunch—I didn’t bothered to ask anymore.

Me, I only worked for a few hours but hey I still need to travel at least 3-5 hours and I don’t want to celebrate New Year’s Eve on a jeepney or a van while traveling. It was almost five in the afternoon when I left the office so I braved the rush and found myself at the end of the line of people waiting for commuter vans. Luckily, I was able to chance a jeepney waiting for passengers. I left the line and boarded the jeepney we only waited for a few minutes before the jeepney got full and left the terminal. Traffic was moderate to fast moving, except for a certain portion in Cainta where a flock of sidewalk vendors (selling fruits and fireworks) and consumers occupied almost half of the two lane road. I reached home a few minutes after nine in the evening. Hubby bonded with his barkada (which he missed so much) while me and our baby stayed with my parents and titas while we watched fireworks from afar. The display of lights and not so loud noise only lasted for a few minutes unlike from the past years where fifteen minutes before countdown you would already hear fireworks exploding from all directions.

January 01, 2011. I am 29. Yes, I woke up with the usual greeting during the morning of January 1 “Happy Birthday!” from everyone in our house. Nothing so special, we just cooked and ate spaghetti, that’s all. And no gifts too L Well, I’m already used to that. I’m 29 anyways. What matters to me most now is that I’m with my family and we’re happy and together and we have a New Year to face with all the positivity i’m feeling for this year.

So there, that’s my Christmas 2010 and my New Year. How about you, how did you celebrate your Holidays?

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