Tuesday, April 19, 2011

commuters beware

[As posted last November 10, 2010 on Tumblr]

Just wanted to drop a quick post for the sake of relieving myself from the stress it caused me and for the people who’ll read this to be informed and forewarned…

I am still a bit shaken but very much thankful to God for protecting me from harm and bad elements. Earlier this evening as I was boarded on an ordinary bus (via EDSA) commuting to go to work at around eleven o’ clock, the flow of traffic was slowing down a bit because of the bottle neck road and the ongoing road work (Maynilad pipeline laying) on I think they call the place Cabrera in Pasay City a group of at least four or five young men boarded the bus. Suddenly there was a commotion and at first I thought the men were fighting then I realized it was actually a HOLD UP. I actually heard one or two saying “wala nang papalag”. Then in less than a minute they decided to get off the bus. I was in shock. The whole time the hold up was happening, my mind was blank, all i can remember during that time i was thinking of what IFs: what if they try to get my things, what if something wrong happens, what would i do?

With all the stress i already have in my life and the financial problems i am currently into, God sent me an angel to protect and to shield from harm. I am blessed. Nothing bad happened to any of us on the bus, no one got hurt. I still have my bag and all. I did not dare look into the faces and the eyes of the bad guys for i thought they might prompt their attention to me so I have no memory of their faces nor voices. After that, I only heard stories from behind me, the bad guys carried knives or sharp objects, they got the necklace of a guy and bags of two ladies who are all one or two seats behind me. I am actually sleepy during that trip but during and after what happened, all I ever thought of was to thank God and prayed to protect me from those kinds of people until I reach the office. Thankfully, I reached the office safely.

As the holidays are fast approching, bad elements are actively roaming around everywhere. Just last week, one of my officemates became a victim of the Ketchup Gang. I still haven’t heard of her story because she’s on day shift while i’m on night shift. I’ll try to get her story and share for everyone to be aware.

Let us all be careful and watchful of our surroundings. If possible do not bring valuables whenever unnecessary. Pray.

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