Saturday, April 16, 2011

on being a blogger than a writer

[As posted last August 06, 2010 on Tumblr]

There are actually a lot of things going on in my mind right now and even before i could grab a pen and paper or even reach a computer, they’ve already managed to escape from my aching, stressed head within either one by one or all at once.

I am just amazed at how other bloggers—famous or not famous—manage to blog about two or more different topics posted within the same day or in consecutive days. I envy them. I actually want to learn from them.

Well, as I have written on my profile at the left panel of this web page just below my profile picture, that i am not a writer. I am a frustrated one actually.

When I was in high school, I attempted to write a story, even a script but it turned out, i only had a great story in mind and once i started to write, the idea wouldn’t or should i say i couldn’t put it into good writing. Now, i just decided to forget about it.

To those who managed to read this far, Thank you! And to those who might have just stumbled upon this blog and decided to read on or even go back to the previous posts, please bear with me, please bear with my writing, most often than not the’re senseless, at times the focus goes out of topic. Gosh, so hard to be a frustrated writer, now i’m a frustrated blogger. geez…

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