Saturday, April 16, 2011

best ever post

[As posted last August 14, 2010 on Tumblr]

I believe I have, at least on my own opinion, written one of my best narratives here on my blog existence. I posted it for at least a couple of hours. To those who were able to read the whole context of it please let me know of your opinion on it. Drop me a note on my email posted on the left of this page. For those who weren’t able to even have a glimpse of it, i’m sorry i couldn’t bring it back anymore… maybe some other time but definitely not now, now that everything’s almost back to normal.

Let’s just say i was awakened and since then moving forward, i have to write my blogs on a tactful but interesting way. Honestly, that’s hard to do! These past few days, i have to deal with sensitivity issues and i have to admit, it is really tempting to post something that could actually boost or even add up to the readership of this site specially if the topic is really controversial in some way but hey i said i woke up one day and told my self that i’ll be careful this time… to protect me and the people around me.

Uhmmm well, i guess i really have to find other ways to make this blog interesting to readers and visitors as well. Hope my friends and family would one day appreciate my efforts on this blog :) I’m also doing this for myself, i think i’ve written from one of my previous posts that blogging is therapeutic for me—one way to release stress from everything, it makes me happy—brings back good memories while i’m trying to remember every detail as i type for a new post and of course the current happenings to current me as a wife, a mother, a sister, a daughter, a friend, a frustrated writer, a career woman, etc.

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