Thursday, April 21, 2011

power blogging

[As posted last March 12, 2011 on Tumblr]

been absent from the blogging world for a long time AGAIN. how does one power blog? have lots of posts within a day or even just have one blog entry per week?

lotsa things have happened… AND i have nothing to blog about?? well actually there are but during those times when there are topics going on in my mind, i dont have my handy dandy notebook with me :(

i actually dont have it with me now, im typing fresh from my thoughts.

i need inspirationS! for me to continue blogging and i also need a computer or even a cellphone where i can blog directly from and internet connection and money haha.

now i have to have another notebook (any generous souls out there? just joking!), i actually realized i couldnt find my notebook. and from there, ill write things that are going on in my mind to post them here again… till next entry! thanks for dropping by :)

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