Friday, April 22, 2011

not yet over it

[As posted last April 03, 2011 on Tumblr]

Almost five or six months have already passed since the bus holdup incident but still I couldn’t find the courage to travel through the same route on a bus again. I thought I am over it already but I guess I’m still not. On top of the emotional stress it has caused me, it also costs me a lot just for me to go to work or to my destination through an alternative way—through a taxi. Until I find the courage to ride a bus or a jeepney through that place again, for now, I can ride the LRT but then it is still closed. I still have MRT but beyond its operating hours, I guess I’ll just have to continue taking a taxi or face that fear that’s still in me.

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I know it can happen to anyone, anywhere, anytime but that one incident really made me fearful of such incidents. Deep inside of me, I know it will pass but it will take time and God will help me with that.

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