Wednesday, April 20, 2011

so affected

[As posted last January 12, 2011 on Tumblr]

Have you ever been affected with the tv show that you’re watching? I don’t. Not until I watched the Grey’s Anatomy episode where there’s a shooter in the hospital (the episode Derek Sheppard (spelling?) was shot). I was shaking the whole time i’m watching that episode. I’ve never felt like that before. I was so affected that I had difficulty sleeping because every time I would close my eyes, I can see the faces of the people whom the shooter shot. Oh well, that’s how effective Grey’s Anatomy is for me. My sister actually introduced me to that show and looked forward to every new season since then. I even watched the previous seasons while I’m pregnant with my Mia. Actually, not just Grey’s but also Smallville and a little bit of Private Practice. I like these tv shows, they’re so close to reality, you wouldn’t think the scenes are scripted.

There, those are just two make it three of my favorite tv shows… just wanted to share :)

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