Saturday, July 9, 2011

bye bye my phones

The two mobile phones that I'm currently using just died last Friday. Apparently, while I was sleeping last Wednesday, Mia gave those two phones a generous milk bath and that happened while I was sleeping (I work on graveyard shift/night shift).

When I woke up these two phones were soaking wet with milk. Sorry I didn't have the actual picture of the phones because a) I don't have a camera and b) I'm using my phone's camera which unfortunately got broken so instead I borrowed pictures from GSMArena.

I learned my lesson: do not leave your things within reach of your children specially toddlers who would spill any liquid on anything or dunk anything on a container with liquid inside.

Now, to find and have a new phone because I need it primarily for work and for communicating with my family at home and of course with my friends. Not to mention that the above mentioned broken phones were just borrowed from my dad and my sister :( I need to find funds to replace them and to buy a new one...  

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