Friday, May 18, 2012

My ZALORA Wishlist

I'm writing and sharing my wishlist almost every year for Christmas and for my birthday but this time I would like to share my Zalora Wishlist. For those who don't know yet, Zalora is a one-stop fashion online shopping site and without further ado, here are what I want (read: NEED) to have from their site:

First, I'm in dire need of new footwear at work and I want to wear comfortable footwear while i'm at work that's why I want this Otto sandals.
I also wear slippers while commuting to and from work. I live north and work south so that's a long commute--one of the main reasons why I don't want to wear high heels. A pair of black Crocs Carlie Platform Flip would also be good to wear when I go grocery shopping with my daughter Mia and also my hubby.
I'm not into jewelry (even fancy ones) but I would be happy to wear a new pair of earrings like these 3 rings intertwined earrings. Did I mention I like small earrings even if you don't see me wear a pair that much?
I only have one watch as of this time--the only watch I was able to acquire when I started working up to now :( I've always wanted to have a Timex watch, even in stores and during bazaars in our office, i'm eyeing this Weekender. I really hope I can buy this in the future or even now--only if I don't have other priorities...

We didn't really have a baby bag or a diaper bag since Mia was born and even up to now, we would use whatever bag we have to fit my things and Mia's things whenever we would go for a stroll at the mall or a visit to her pediatrician. I think even when Mia's already 3 years old, we still need a bag that can hold our things like this Lässig Casual Shoulder Bag. I think I can even use this for work :)
I know I already listed 5 things that I wish to have from Zalora but may I also add this orange Havaianas Top. It's been 4 years since my sister gave me her brown pair which I am still using until now but I know it wouldn't be too much to want a new pair right? :)
I'm crossing my fingers here, I hope I could win for me to have these very simple things... :)

All these and more, you can buy from

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