Monday, May 28, 2012

I need Techni-Ice!

I first learned about Techni-Ice from My Mom-Friday when Ms. Michelle posted an article about it on her blog. Of course instantly I got interested but because of budget concerns, buying the product was not my top priority then--I had a household to run and a toddler's needs to be catered. But because these past few weeks haven't been very good for me because of headache / migraine attacks, I now would like to have a pack of Techni-Ice to help soothe my headaches--my main reason why I wanted to have a pack for myself.

Before Techni-Ice I am actually seriously considering buying a gel or any ice pack available in the market. When I started having prolonged and/or sudden but severe headaches (I actually noticed this when I started working, I just can't figure out the connection yet), more often than not aside from medicine, i rely on ice to help soothe my headaches, I put them on my head and it helps me relax a bit. But then the hassle of using ice is that it melts and drips onto my pillow case and beddings which is one reason why I wanted to buy an alternative to ice. I learned from Techni-Ice's site that it doesn't melt so that's one good thing and it can be cut and folded according to the size that you need and you're comfortable using--with ice, when I'm at home and when with a severe headache, I still had to cut the ice into smaller portions for them to fit into the ice bag (we make ice on plastic bags instead of ice cubes).

Onto a lighter note, headache is not just the reason why I wanted to have Techni-Ice also because I learned it can be used in many ways and it can be used hot or cold!

We also use ice to keep our food cold in a cooler when we travel, that's when we go home to the province or we would sometimes bring freshly caught fish or produce from the province (Rizal province which is a 2 to 3 hours drive) back to Quezon City and mostly, by the time we arrive at our destination, the fish, produce, or whatever we have in the cooler is already mixed with melted ice (read: water). And for our hot food, we usually bring rice and viand when we travel from Quezon City to Rizal or vice versa and whenever we arrive at our destination, more often than not the food is  already cold and already with droplets of water at the cover of the containers (I don't know the term but you'll see them on the container cover whenever you put hot food inside...).

May I also share there was one time I purchased a vaccine from our company clinic and I had to bring that vaccine home so that my daughter's pedia could administer it, I had to find ice and the dilemma of melting ice also was there (just sharing!)--this is one good reason to use Techni-Ice.

I know there are lots of uses for Techni-Ice in our lives, I just had to discover more of them once I get to have one. I believe it's one good discovery that every household should have. You can check the Techni-Ice video below so you can see for yourself where and how you can use Techni-Ice.

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