Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Warning: Not Yahoo!

This is just to warn netizens and users of electronic emails (be it Yahoo Mail or not) that we are prone to being hacked or scammed if we are not careful and mindful of what we click or even share information especially via the internet.

Yesterday, I have received a phishing email. It's trying to get  information from email users though I could not confirm that much because I did not try to proceed upon seeing the address I'm led to. I am just concerned that some other users may also get the same message and be a possible victim. 

Here you can see, the email is from Yahoo Member Service but the email address looks like a personal one...

When you hover the pointer to the link, on the status bar below, you'll see that it's for a different address and not really Yahoo!.

When I tried to click on the link at first I thought it really is the Sign in to Yahoo! page and if I am not aware of the discrepancy on the address bar, I might have entered my yahoo id and password. Good thing I was alert on that!

Today, when I opened again my mail, this one fell on spam... again, I just opened the mail just to show you guys how it looks like and this time, it's from a different email address.

And for a different link...
Everyone, please be very careful with every email that you receive. Do not just give your information to anyone or even click to a link that you think is not safe. Be cautious.

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