Monday, February 13, 2012


Hi! It's time to gain followers again! I know I haven't updated my blog lately but that doesn't mean i'm abandoning my blogs--no not at all; i'm just busy. i'll have time for blogging--at least once a week for starting over then gradually when everything's settled, then i'll be blogging away *crossing my fingers*

So now I'm joining the 7th Weekend Blog Follower Caravan hosted by Life According to Me where for this week we could gain email followers/subscribers yay! 


This week's edition is sponsored by M.O.M. and My Thoughts, My Heart, My Turf. Click here for the full mechanics if you want to join this week's WBFC.

Update [02/15/2012]: There was a problem with this blog's email subscription link and thanks to Mommy Vix Parungao for bringing this to my attention. For the mean time, please use this link in subscribing to this blog's email until I hopefully resolve the link problem or you can always click on the Feedburner chicklet on the right just above the links to My Other Blogs. Thanks! :)


jared's mum said...

there must be something wrong, this error "The feed does not have subscriptions by email enabled" comes up when i tried subscribing via e-mail.

subscribed using google reader instead, my id is vix parungao

stopping by from wbfc ^_^

musings on meanderings

Nanay Blogs said...

Hi! subscribed via reader.... here for WBFC

redamethyst said...

Hello. New subscriber here. Hope to see you here . thanks.

nuts said...

added to my google reader.. sorry for the late visit..

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