Sunday, May 22, 2011

Nuffamily Day

As soon as knew that this would be a lantern lighting activity, I thought of really wanting to join the first Nuffamily Day!
First, because my baby Mia loves the movie Tangled and in that movie there are scenes where they light paper lanterns that go high up in the sky, surely she will love to see it happening before her eyes. Second, it will be held in Crosswinds, Tagaytay where me and my family have never ever been to. It would be a first time for me and my family. Third, it's a Nuffnang event! I have never been to a Nuffnang event ever, it would be a first time for me (crossing my fingers--if i'd be given a chance).

I LOVE Nuffnang because it gives me a lot of opportunities not just to earn some money (even though it's not yet that big for me--at least I know little by little i'm able to earn) and earn friends too from the online community. If I'd be given a chance to join the first ever Nuffamily Day, i'd be able to meet Nuffnangers/Nuffies plus their families and friends too, in the flesh!

If I would be given the chance to join the first ever Nuffamily Day, I would like to bring with me my husband Ipe, our baby Mia, my two sisters--Jen and Jona, and my nanay Belinda and tatay Lando. We would love to join the fun and ride the nuffbus if we'd be allowed too given the number of people i'd be bringing with me but if not, I think we can just ride our humble owner type jeep to bring us to the venue and back home. What matters most is the fun that we'll have and the memories we'll all cherish after the event which would not be possible without the help of these generous sponsors:

Thank you so much to all of you! Hope you'll let us join in the fun. Thanks again!

Images from the Nuffnang Philippines blog.

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